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Philip Appleyard Profile


Philip Appleyard has been working in sound and video for over eight years, starting working alongside companies with local bands, discos and small events.

He has a strong ability to see the bigger picture, being able to walk through a venue in his mind and imagine how it can look and feel, but at the same time having an interest in the detail in order to realise the final production. He enjoys what he does and seek to make every job a pleasure to work on, whilst ensuring the final production is achieved with the highest quality


He is at ease in all levels of a company or in a business, a good communicator with a high level of adaptability.

His experience is wide and varied and has given me the confidence to address people at all levels, to listen to their needs and to understand their concerns and problems, building rapport and their confidence. He excels within a team environment but also strive and aim to undertake leadership roles.


He is able to adapt, learn quickly as required and would be happy to undergo any training that would aid me in providing the best possible service.


Philip's experience is also in dealing with customers and demanding workloads within strict deadlines and sales targets is strong. He takes great pride in his work and rarely settles for anything less than the highest quality.  His time management and personal presentation are always of the highest standard. 

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